AOA and ACGME Accredited Family and
Community Medicine Residency Program

A Welcome Letter from Our Leadership

Greetings from Penn State Health St. Joseph Family and Community Medicine Residency!

Excitement! Innovation! Opportunity!

These are 3 words that come to mind when describing the future of medical education here at St. Joe’s in Reading, PA. What is all the buzz about? Well, over the last 15 years that I’ve been associated with Penn State Health St. Joseph Family and Community Medicine Residency Program, I have seen lots of changes at our own institution and in medical education in this country. Change has been the one commonality that we have all seen remain stable. Whether it was small curriculum refinements or drastic duty hour requirement changes, we have all continued to live through the many day to day or year to year transitions. However, at this time I look at the changes on the horizon and see EXCITEMENT! INNOVATION! OPPORTUNITY! as future changes dwarf those of the past.

At St. Joe’s, we have realized 4 transitions with tremendous impact. First, we transitioned to Penn State Health. While we look to maintain our roots surrounding our Catholic heritage, we are strengthening our commitment to our community and moving forward with population health. We commend our administration for this exciting, innovative, opportunity to partner with such a respected institution that shares our program’s commitment to medical education. We look forward to continued success and new, expanding opportunities.

Next, we have transitioned to ICD-10 and EMR which has brought huge changes to our current coding and billing practices on the business end of medicine. Going paperless with medical records keeps up with the trend we have seen over the recent years. However, in medicine this represents a momentous change which is an exciting, innovative opportunity to improve patient care.

Finally, we have successfully achieved ACGME accreditation after being solely an AOA accredited program since 2001. With this change we have welcomed an allopathic physician to the Residency Program and look forward to additional MD’s entering the program in the future. This massive feat cannot be overlooked and should not be underappreciated. As the respective leaders on both sides have come together, we are all part of graduate medical education history. Excitement! Innovation! Opportunity!

Despite these major transformations, Penn State Health St. Joseph continues to strive to provide excellent medical education and training to students and residents. Unique in family medicine programs, St. Joe’s has filled our program an unprecedented 10 years running. While we are proud of this accomplishment, we are challenged to maintain this tradition. We are a family friendly program that promotes a positive, energetic, fun environment to support education. We offer EXCITEMENT! INNOVATION! OPPORTUNITY! Come see what all the buzz is about! We are the future of family medicine!

WE ARE Penn State Health St. Joseph Family and Community Medicine Residency Program.

Michael J. Bradley D.O.

DME/Program Director

Reverence ,   Integrity ,   Compassion ,   Excellence